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Articles & Publications

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Articles & Publications



  • Villanova Law Review, Dedication to Dean Steven P. Frankino, 51 Vill. L. Rev. 15 (2006)
  • Law Review Article, “Capital Sentencing:  The Effect of Adding Aggravators to Death Penalty Statutes in Pennsylvania.”  The University of Pittsburgh of Law Review, Volume 65, Issue 3 (Spring 2004)
  • Law Review Article, “Historical Overview of the Judicial Selection Process in the United States: Is the Electoral System in Pennsylvania Unjustified?”  49 Villanova Law Review 1 (2004)
  • Law Review Article, “Certification of State Law Questions: Pennsylvania’s Experience in the First Five Years.” 75 Pennsylvania Bar Association Quarterly 47 (2004)
  • Law Review Article, “Appellate Mediation in Pennsylvania:  Expending Upon the Success of the Commonwealth Court”.  5 The Journal of Appellate Practice and Process 409 (2003)
  • Villanova Law Review, Dedication to Dean Harold Gill Reuschlein, 45 Vill. L. Rev. 9 (2000)
  • Author of Trial Practice and Consultant, 3 Volume Book: “Alimony, Child Support and Counsel Fees,” Matthew Bender & Company, Inc., Publisher (1988)


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  • Justice Sandra Schultz Newman is certified in basic and advanced divisions by the Harvard Law Mediation Program - a program that follows a facilitative mediation model and includes training by mediation professionals followed by mediation of advanced cases.