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Mediation or arbitration: what’s the difference?

Mediation or arbitration: what’s the difference? When parties cannot reach an agreement on their own, it may seem that they are destined to face off in a courtroom. That outcome does not have to be a foregone conclusion, however. Another option is available to help legal professionals guide their clients to successful resolutions. Mediation and…

How does Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) impact wrongful death complaints?

Signing an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) agreement in Pennsylvania does not preclude one’s family members from filing a wrongful death complaint in court on the merits of their own injury. That is the impact of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s recent refusal to hear an appeal from the state Superior Court of a ruling that gives…

What are the benefits of ADR versus litigation?

For centuries, the standard avenue for resolving a civil dispute has been to file a lawsuit in the public court system. Even lawyers, however, realize that lawsuits are not always the most practical method for reaching a settlement. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR), sometimes called arbitration or mediation, is a widely accepted alternative to civil actions…

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  • Justice Sandra Schultz Newman is certified in basic and advanced divisions by the Harvard Law Mediation Program - a program that follows a facilitative mediation model and includes training by mediation professionals followed by mediation of advanced cases.